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About Us


Its us, He and Me 🙂 Directors of TV. Though we built a physical structure for the company only in 2016, we have been feeding this vision well over since 2007 from the back benches of our Animation College and Game Studio. Our journey so far has been one solid roller coaster ride and we wish it always stays the same. With every challenge, comes a brand new idea and this was ideally how Tadaa Videos made its way. While every brand was shelling crores on traditional marketing ideas, we wanted to pinch a unique concept. While playing the field and battling with cost constraints and mass visibility, we found the most innovating branding tool that builds a loyal customer base; which is none other than, Explainer Videos. We have a small in-house team of creative, passionate and enthusiastic artists.

For a viewer to be smitten, he needs to be taken by surprise and that is why we named our little creation,

Tadaa Videos – A Play Button For Your Brand!


“Dropbox grew from 0 to 100 million users. On their homepage they only had logo and…  A great animated video.

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Explainer Video

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Whiteboard Video

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Motion Graphics

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2D Animation


Tadaa!  Meet our team!

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The Creative “heads”

There are the backbenchers, the misfits and the crazy ones who will be laying the track for your video. Based on your brand and the brief, our creative team will craft the finest and honest script that mirrors your brand.

Storyboard and Script writers

To be totally honest, all our writers have a 6th finger attached to them with a nib at its tip. We keep our communication to-the-point and long-lasting that leaves your customer gooey-eyed for your brand. They can mix the best words with the right emotion and BAM! You have won over your target customers!

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Animated Animators

Here, comes the lead of the video. Our animators have a chronic syndrome of being unable to view reality in its original sense and prefer to lounge with stick figures, cartoon and comics. They unleash their imagination up on screen, making your brand’s projection boundless and infinite.

Sound Engineers

The script, the story board and the animation is ready. We understand and acknowledge the power of sounds and their subtle impact that magically creates the desired response from the viewer. Ranging from background scores to hard core music, our sound engineers have always been loyal kickbacks to the video!

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Creative Directors

You might find an insomniac with tattered jeans and t-shirt, with 4 cups of coffee on his desk. Say hi to our creative director. The lead of the show, who manages the whole team of creative intelligence, ensures the right script and storyboard is picked, with the perfect animation and sounds and by the sweet end of it all, delivers your show reel at your doorstep. With our directors, our ideas hit the moon and we prefer it that way.

Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.

- Walt Disney